Bringing it Back! A message from Vern

As of April 27th I, the director of BetterMade Cabinets Inc., am the new owner of the Low/Martin home.

BetterMade Cabinets has been in business for 20 years building custom cabinetry and millwork. Over that time, the company has honed its skills and has developed a reputation for excellence; and for work that is often unique and considered “over the top”. Therefore, the challenge of restoring this house is one the company takes up with great excitement.

BetterMade Cabinets began the preliminary working drawings months prior to April 27th with much anticipation to restore the house to its earlier splendor. Extensive research is currently being conducted to accurately capture the era in which the house was built to now finalize the layouts.

In addition to BetterMade Cabinets, we have a large network of companies that we have worked with over many years that are experienced and knowledgeable in this caliber of a restoration. I am very fortunate given the task at hand, that I am able to reach out to my fellow associates for their expertise. This will be a very large undertaking and will require many skills. The Low/Martin home is a team project. Therefore it only deserves the best and that is exactly what it is going to get.

It is a great privilege to be part of this project and neighbourhood. There is much to do which we are committed to complete as quickly as we can. Certain criteria are to be followed as there would be with any heritage house and we will respect those criteria. Once completed, my intention is to live in the home and have it be a part of the community.

Preserving the memories and the stories that the home holds is just as important as preserving the integrity of the building. I would like to invite and encourage anyone that has a fascinating story about the home to contact me. The stories are just as interesting as the architecture and I would be thrilled to hear them.

In closing, BetterMade Cabinets is going to make this house come alive. The goal is to restore this house to the day when it can stand proud in the community again. As I’ve been known to say; “This place will ROCK”. We are bringing it back!